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News and Updates

news and updates

[2018 Orphans Boutique]

She did it again!! Margaret-Jane hosted her 6th 'Orphans Boutique' to raise funds that will help assist China's orphans. Lots of heart... thought... planning and implementing went into the boutique.  The result.... another successful event supported by friends, family and co-workers.

The funds raised this year will be used to support orphan medical needs.  Margaret-Jane, we admire your heart and efforts.  You care deeply about the orphaned children in China.... and you make a difference.  Thank you!!




[ 2018 Book Drive ]

Children love getting books for their very own.  From the youngest to the oldest orphan, they each responded with joy at receiving their gifts.  Many reports we received pointed out that as soon as they received their books, the children immediately ran to their foster mom to ask her to read the books to them.  This simple gift triggered a response that reflected shared time, attachment and connectivity.  The books enrourage a thirst for knowledge while developing language and listening skill.  We believe the pictures below speak for themselves.  





[ 2018 Winter Coats and Clothing ]

As winter weather approaches, the need for heavier clothing and coats is essential to protect the children from sickness.  The rapid growth of babies and children often creates the need for new winter clothing, sleepwear and coats to shield them from the chilling elements of China's winters.

As in years past, we are honored to help supply warm coats and clothing to help shield the children from dropping temperatures.  Besides the practical aspects, the kids just enjoy receiving new clothes.  It makes them feel special; and we are happy to help in that venture.

UPDATE:  84 children now have their new coats/clothing and are warm and cozy!  






[ 2018 Life Skills Camp ]

Life Skills Camp, held in August 2018, provided teen orphans the opportunity to learn essential curriculum on becoming independent.  Additionally, they experienced many ventures for the first time... taking public transportation, ordering from a restaurant, traveling to areas outside their small community, speaking in new settings, and so much more.  Field trips to cultural landmarks highlighted their week as well.  

Sessions were held on etiquette and social skills; alcohol and drug use; sex education; money management; online safety; self-defense and more. Each teen has so much to offer to the world, and camp provided the opportunity to instill in each one of the value of their life.