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Medical title

The provision of medical attention can be life-changing and sometimes life-saving for an orphan, as well as helping to enhance quality of life.


Striving to help orphans overcome physically challenges through surgeries (cleft lip/palate, heart, hernia, eye, etc), blood transfusions, hearing aids, and other medical procedures that will correct a physical issue or improve quality of life.


Providing medical equipment or supplies such as medicines, walkers, wheel chairs and therapy tools that add to enhanced health or mobility.


[ 2018 Medical Care ]

Critical Care and Surgery

January 2018- Newborn by girl, Mya, required immediate hospitalization following her abandonment and finding.  She is currently be treated and has undergone a life-saving surgery.

Cleft Lip Surgery

January 2018-  Corine will soon have the opportunity to have her cleft lip repaired.  It's a joy to be part of her healing. 


[ 2017 Medical Services]

  Cleft Palate Surgery

November 2017-  Two year old Susan received life changing cleft palate surgery this month.  It will make a huge difference in her life.

Heart Surgery

November 2017- Two month old Jeremy needs immediate corrective surgery to repair a heart defect.

December UPDATE-  Jerome has successfully come off the ventilator following open heart surgery.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Four Cleft Lip Surgeries

October/November 2017-  Sweet babies Kimberly, Ruth, Taryn and Chase will receive corrective surgery on their cleft lip  giving them the best chance at a healthy life. 

November UPDATE- All four babies....Taryn, Kimberly, Ruth, and Chase's ... have had completed and successful surgeries!


Hospital Care and Testing

August 2017- Baby Jimmy suddenly began have seizures.  He was hospitalized for testing and treatment and released back to the healing home eleven days later.  

Critical Medical Care

July 2017- A child's age doesn't make any difference when critical medical care is needed.  Newborn baby Griffin needed hospitalization and immediate medical treatment to survive.  Fourteen-year-old Diana just completed a much needed heart surgery which went well.  Griffin remains hospitalized with continued medical attention.  


September UPDATE-  Griffin has healed well.  Look how wonderful Griffin is looking.  A special thank-you to donors who invest in life changing medical care.

Five Children with Medical Needs

May/June 2017-  Because of  our generous donors, we are able to help support the medical needs of five more little ones: Ann Marie [hospitalization for intestinal issues], Brent [orthopedic surgery], Sully [life-saving esophageal surgery], Harlow [eye surgery] and Morgan [eye surgery].   


Life Saving Hospitalization

March 2017- Weak and suffering from pneumonia, preemie Tessa was admitted to the hospital for life saving treatment and care.  We are grateful to our donors who helped cover some of Tessa's hospital cost.   

April UPDATE-  Thankfully, Tessa has been discharged from the hospital and is now residing at a healing home for continued care.  Doesn't she look wonderful?

Heart Surgery

March 2017-  Medical care is usually needed for most orphans; some more urgent than others.  In Robb's case, his need is for timely heart surgery, which will most likely be scheduled next month. Please keep Robb in your prayers.  

Medical Treatment for Pneumonia

February 2017-  The winter cold weather can be life threatening for a frail baby.  It is our pleasure to help support the hospital costs of baby Christine as she receives life saving treatment.

March UPDATE-  Thankfully, Christine is responding well to treatment.  We hope to hear soon that she is able to be released from the hospital into healing home care.

April UPDATE- Christine has been discharged and is resting comfortably in healing home care.

Hospitalization of Premature Baby Girl

January 2017-  Baby Connie was born prematurely and required hospitalization for life saving care. Hope's Heart is honored to help fund the treatment that will allow her to grow healthy and strong.

February UPATE-  Connie has responded well to treatment and was able to be discharged from the hospital  to a healing home for further care.

Hospitalization for Pneumonia

January 2017-  Baby Hadley and Baby Callen have been hospitalized for treatment of pneumonia. We trust for their quick and complete healing; and are pleased to contribute to their hospital care. 


February 2017-  Following successful treatment, both babies were discharged from the hospital.

[ 2016 Medical Services]


November 2016- A series of immunizations administered over a period of time help protect infants and young children from potentially life threatening diseases.  We are pleased to help fund some of these medical costs.  

 Emergency Hospital Care for Joanna

October 2016- Born with a life threatening medical condition, Joanna was rushed to the hospital for critical surgery.  Her life was saved, and Joanna spent the next month in the hospital.  We were honored to join with others to help fund Joanna's surgery and hospital stay. 

January 2017 UPDATE-  Joanna has healed well.  After a couple months in healing home care, Joanna is ready to join her adoptive family.

Orthopedic Correction

September 2016-  Baby Seamus will be needing casting/bracing treatments to correct one of his knees that is flexed the wrong way.  This gentle movement will help with his physical development.


August 2016-  Baby Fergus is experiencing pain from a hernia.  We are happy to help fund part of his surgery costs.  Little Rena is hospitalized as she gains strength for medical testing and potential surgery.


Orthopedic Evaluation

June 2016- An orthopedic evaluation by an orthopedic specialist will help determine the best plan of treatment for newborn baby Brent.

Seven Little Ones to Benefit from Cleft  Surgery

April 2016-  We are pleased to introduce you to Leo, Danielle, Charlie, Allyson, Samuel, Stephanie and LeeAnn.  These adorable children are slated to have their  cleft lip surgically repaired this month [with the exception of Allyson who will have her palate repaired].  What a life changing procedure this will be for each one of them.

 May UPDATE-  All seven of these special children received their life changing cleft surgery in mid-April.  Don't their repairs look wonderful?  They now have a much brighter and healthier future.




Hospitalization for Pneumonia

February 2016-  It is an honor to help support the hospital costs for newborn baby Walter to receive the medical attention he needs to overcome pneumonia.  Thankfully, he recovered well and is growing and becoming more active.


First Cleft Lip Surgery of 2016

January 2016- The new year began with wonderful news of baby Susan's successful cleft lip repair in January.  As you can see the repair was beautifully done.