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December 20, 2014

The Heart of Hope's Heart

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Year in Review

~ Medical ~
17 cleft surgeries
1 heart surgery
3 hernia surgeries
3 GI surgery
 heart medication

blood transfusions

~ Education/Development ~
 32 school sponsorships
1 college tuition 
developmental toys 

9 bicycles for school
20 dental education

~ Basic Life ~
 74 kids in foster care
62 babies/toddlers in
healing homes
40 babies receiving
fortified cereal
44 winter coats
formula, diapers, clothes
 33 bebepod chairs

~ Care Giving ~
1 physical therapist


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Our Mission

Hope's Heart Orphan Foundation is dedicated to aiding in the well being of orphans by contributing to programs that help meet their daily needs and enrich their lives.

Our Vision

Hope's Heart's yearning is to see miracles transform lack into abundance, sickness into health, tears into smiles, and emptiness into wholeness.  Our vision is for every orphaned child in China to:

     ~  Reside in clean, safe physical conditions
     ~  Be supplied with nutritious food for optimal growth and health
     ~  Be given the medical attention they need for healthy bodies and minds
     ~  Be given the tools for mental and physical development as well as an education
     ~  Know they are loved and valued by caring, nurturing care givers seeing to their daily needs.


Four primary areas of focus to enrich the lives of China's orphans

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Hope's Heart desires for all orphans to have their basic needs met. These include food, clothing, shelter, and attention to their special and growing needs. This goal can often be met through child sponsorship of foster care or healing home placements,  nutrition programs, and other basic life needs  including clothing, diapers, formula, winter coats, etc.



From birth through the teenage years, the provision of age-appropriate developmental and educational tools is crucial to an orphan's future success. Hope's Heart supports endeavors to provide books, school tuitions, and toys to promote stimulation, learning and growth for orphans of all ages. 



Hope's Heart strives to help orphans overcome physical challenges through surgeries [cleft lip/palate, heart, hernia, eye, etc] and medical procedures that will correct a physical challenge or improve their quality of life. Medical grants may also provide urgently needed medications or medical equipment.



Understanding the importance of physical touch and individual attention, Hope's Heart supports programs that promote care giving in an environment of loving interaction with the children.





How You Can Help

If you have an interest in joining with us to enrich the lives of China's orphans, we would like to give you that opportunity.

Online Credit Card and E-Check Donations

Checks and Money Orders


Shop To Help   Shop to Help is an easy and convenient way to shop  at Amazon with a portion of your sale going to Hope's Heart...at no additional cost to you. 



Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. 
They are easier to ignore before you see their faces.
It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms.
But once you do, everything changes.

Radical by David Platt

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